Woman denied job because of her appearance

New Yorker Melissa Weaver gained widespread attention on TikTok and in the media after revealing her experience of being rejected for a high-profile job because she chose not to wear makeup to the interview.

Her story sparked discussions about societal beauty standards and the impact they have on women in professional settings.

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In a viral TikTok video, Weaver recounted her interview for a vice president position, where she felt confident about her qualifications and performance.

Credit: Melissa Weaver / TikTok.

“The interview went so well. Every question she had, I had a great answer for. I used to work in recruitment. I know how to interview […] My background and experience align perfectly with what the role entails. So I thought it went great,” Weaver said in her TikTok video.

However, she received an email from the recruiter informing her that she wouldn’t be moving forward in the hiring process. Confused by the rejection, Weaver reached out for feedback and was surprised by the response.

“And she said that while my background was exactly what they were looking for, my experience lined up with what they need for the position, and my own personal goals and values align with the company’s, she was concerned that, for my interview, I hadn’t put in enough effort in my appearance, given the level of the role I was interviewing for,” Weaver recalled.

Credit: Melissa Weaver / TikTok.

Reflecting on the experience, Weaver questioned whether not wearing makeup to job interviews or workplaces implied a lack of dedication or professionalism for women. Her dilemma resonated with many people globally, particularly women who have encountered similar biases based on their appearance.

In the comments section, many people voiced their opinions.

“That honestly feels like discrimination,” one comment read. “Not hiring you based on your looks?”

Another advised Weaver to seek professional advice, writing: “Talk to a lawyer (signed, an employment lawyer).”

A third user chimed in with their own experience, adding: “I got a high stress job & started wearing less makeup. It was mentioned I looked stressed. I started wearing more makeup again, suddenly I was a high performer again. I was doing the same level of work.”

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