Teacher found naked in back of car with student – police reveal what happened

Sending your child to school requires trust in the teachers and staff, that they will take care of your child. When the same people in charge of the well-being of your child use their position of power to abuse your child, it can be jarring.

Laws are in place to deter things like these from happening, but sometimes, there are those who still abuse children. Keep reading to learn what this teacher in Nebraska had been doing.

Officials identified 45-year-old married Erin Ward as the teacher caught with a student in a compromising position.

The incident took place in Lincoln, Nebraska. The substitute teacher was arrested on Saturday and has been charged with one count of felony sexual abuse by an employee of a school

According to local media, Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies received a call about a suspicious vehicle that had been parked at a dead end road at 3a.m. People got concerned and phoned in the mysterious vehicle.


When officials arrived at the scene, they reported seeing two people inside of a Gray 2015 Honda Pilot SUV. One of the people saw the officials approaching and hurriedly got into the driver’s seat to attempt to get away. They stepped on the gas but crashed the vehicle about two blocks ahead in a nearby yard.

The driver then exited the vehicle without clothes on foot. He was later identified as the 17-year-old male victim. By the time law enforcement caught up with him an hour later, he had gotten undergarments on.

The other person was still in the back seat and was putting her clothes on. When officials searched the vehicle, they found an employee ID for Omaha Public Schools. It was then revealed that Erin Ward, was a substitute teacher at various metro area schools which included Omaha Burke High School.

NEW: The woman who was found naked in a car with her student, is married to Department of Defense commander William…

Posted by Russ Hammer on Monday, April 15, 2024

Ward is a mother of three children and, according to records and social media, is married to Harvard-educated Dough Ward, a high-ranking federal government employee. According to the details listed on his LinkedIn page, her husband has had an impressive career, having served as the Pentagon’s US Strategic Command for nearly two decades.

According to media, officials revealed Ward admitted that she had had sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old who was her student at Burke High School.

Both the teacher and the student were treated for minor injuries they received as a result of the crash. The investigation is still ongoing.


This is so horrifying to hear. For a teacher to abuse their position of trust and power is deplorable. Such cases should be reported to officials immediately so they can be investigated and victims can be brought to justice.

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