Pierce Brosnan Loves ‘Every Curve’ on Wife Even Though Friends Offered Her Weight Loss Surgery, Sources Report

Fans remember the charismatic and handsome Irish actor Pierce Brosnan was committed to his secret agent role in four Bond film series. Brosnan loves his wife regardless of her size and comments from close friends. Take a look at everything worth knowing about his love life.

Pierce Brosnan stunned the world with his handsomeness and talent. It was not long before the Irish-born became a hot cake in Hollywood, appearing in different box-office movies.

Behind this charming movie star was a woman who was delighted to whisk him to success, his first wife.

The Bond star married Cassandra Harris, an Australian actress of German and English descent. “[Cassie] made me the man I am, the actor I am, the father I am,” he once acknowledged.

A mutual friend introduced them in the 1970s. Although Brosnan was immediately smitten by her beauty at first sight, it took more than a glance before she became acquainted with the actor. Cassandra married William Firth and then Dermot Harris, a British film producer.

She admitted that she “had no interest in him at all…but we had much in common, like acting, books, music, and once we started talking, we never stopped.”

Even though Cassandra had two kids with Dermot, Charlotte, and Christopher, and she had been married before, it was not baggage for Brosnan, who married her and later adopted the kids when their dad died in 1986. The “Die Another Day” actor revealed:

“We just clicked as a family. To begin with, I was Pierce, then I was Daddy Pierce, and then I just became Dad. Charlotte and Chris have just been amazing in my life.”

Actor Pierce Brosnan, son Christopher Brosnan and daughter Charlotte Brosnan at the 49th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 18, 1992 at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. | Source: Getty Images

A few years after the couple’s marriage, they added a son, Sean, to their growing family. Everything appeared fine, they had a mutual child, and Brosnan’s adopted kids settled into the family.

Sadly, in 1987, the family received shocking news. Cassandra had inherited a family disease. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which had aggressively attacked her body, the same illness that killed her mother.

The Australian actress went through eight surgeries and chemotherapy. She also had to use prescriptions religiously, but despite the unpleasant situation, Cassandra remained brave.

Thankfully, she was surrounded by a loving family, which often made her bounce back, and resume everyday family life. Brosnan confessed:

“Sean would sometimes play doctor. He would nurse her, and then she would feel good and get on with her life—organize the children, plan my career, redecorate this house.”

Sadly, in 1991, Cassandra died at the Kenneth Norris Jr. Cancer Hospital in Los Angeles. Brosnan had been with her the entire time, holding hands, lying next to her on the hospital bed, praying with her, and confessing his fears.

Pierce Brosnan with wife Cassandra Harrisand children Christopher Brosnan, Charlotte Brosnan and her boyfriend Alex Smith during the "Postcards from the Edge" Century City Premiere on September 10, 1990. | Source: Getty Images

According to the actor, she “began her journey” on their 14th wedding anniversary, and everyone was around except Sean. Christopher visited the hospital while Charlotte was on the phone, and Brosnan, had their mother in his arms when she took her last breath.

Somehow, Sean took the news calmly. Tears welled in his eyes when he was told about his mom’s death, and he said, “it’s for the best, Daddy. She’s not in pain anymore.”

Following Cassandra’s demise, Brosnan stepped up his role. The grief made the family closer, father and sons often hung out, and at the same time, he kept in touch with Charlotte, who was in London.

While Brosnan was devoted to being the best father by being present for his kids, he realized that it would take time for the grief to disappear, so he consulted a counselor for his youngest son, Sean.

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