Mark Wahlberg has been very open about his faith lately and has not shied away from discussing it publicly.

On Ash Wednesday, which also marked the first day of Lent, the actor appeared on the Today Show. During his interview with Savannah Guthrie, he talked about his approach to sharing his religious beliefs, especially with his children, emphasizing that he doesn’t force it on others.

“I don’t want to impose it on anyone, but I cannot deny my faith. That would be a greater sin.”

“You know, it’s not the most popular thing in my industry, but I can’t deny my faith.”

The 51-year-old actor wore a cross of ashes on his forehead during the segment, a common practice for Catholics observing Ash Wednesday.

Wahlberg discussed the concept of fasting during Lent. While it often involves food, he pointed out that fasting can include other forms of sacrifice.

“There are many aspects to fasting,” he explained. “It’s important to understand that if you have issues with food, there are other things you can fast from. God knows what He wants you to give up. We all know those things that make us feel guilty or don’t make us feel as good as we should.”

“So it’s about detaching from those things and focusing on positive habits instead of negative ones.”

For Lent, Wahlberg said he planned to abstain from meat and eat only one meal on Ash Wednesday, a practice he intends to continue through Good Friday.

He also talked about the discipline required for Lent, noting that it has significantly benefited his life.

“When I transitioned from music to movies, I realized I needed a lot of discipline in my life. That discipline has brought me so many rewards, and I want to share that with others. Whether it’s through fasting, working out more, detaching from other things, or spending more time with God in prayer or reflection.”

Despite his strong beliefs, Wahlberg is mindful about not pushing his faith on others. He told Guthrie that while he finds it important to share his faith, “it’s equally important to respect and honor others and their beliefs.”

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