Jennifer Lopez Slammed As ‘Greedy’ And ‘Pathetic’ For Canceling Tour Spots Due To Weak Ticket Sales After Charging $1K Per Seat: ‘We Are Tired Of Her’

Jennifer Lopez has canceled the last seven This Is Me…Now The Tour shows, which were due to be held in Nashville, New Orleans, Raleigh, Atlanta, Houston, Cleveland and Tampa this summer. Although Ticketmaster hasn’t given an official reason for the cancelation, many sources are suggesting that it’s because of poor ticket sales. Yikes!

This Is Me…Now The Tour is the 54-year-old multihyphenate‘s first tour in five years. Her It’s My Party tour, which took place in 2019, seemed to have a much better reception, as it actually sold out many venues across the country!

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Has Jennifer Lopez Canceled Some Tour Dates Due To Poor Ticket Sales?

So why is the Marry Me actress’s latest tour doing so poorly? Although there is no official confirmation that the ticket sales are actually doing poorly, some people are suggesting that it could be due to the extremely high ticket prices. Many of the tickets are reportedly an extortionate $1,000, while others are said to be an eye-watering $3,500 and over! (Omg!)

TikTok user @jaxxchismetalk discussed the show cancelations in a video that has at the time of writing received over 46K likes. In the video, she said: “I just heard that she’s going to be on tour and it’s doing so poorly in ticket sales that they canceled the last seven dates of the tour.”

“I’m not the biggest J-Lo fan to begin with. I don’t really like her acting, I don’t really like her as an artist, but I do admire her as an entrepreneur and what she’s done with her life and how much money she be making now,” she confessed. “But maybe we just have to move forward instead of moving backwards,” she continued. “She’s doing this whole album and tour about something that she made in 2002. Let’s forget about that and move forward.” She ended the video by speculating: “I don’t know what the rest of this tour will be like but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be sold out.”

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As expected, her TikTok followers had a *lot* to say in the comments section. “Her time has been and gone!” exclaimed one TikTok user, as someone else said, “She needs to let it go,” followed by the crying emoji. “I got a presale code email and said no thanks,” quipped another. “Nobody wants to see her crappy movie nor see her lip sync,” slammed another, as someone else said: “Jenny needs to go back to the block.”

“She had her prime time she has to let it go now… It’s just getting embarrassing,” criticized another. “She is legit just embarrassing herself,” commented another. “We are tired of her period,” said another critic, as someone else said: “Love to see her humbled.”


Jennifer Lopez 81st Annual Golden Globes
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Many fans addressed the extortionately priced tickets, with one writing: “I do like her but looked at tickets it was so expensive and I saw hardly any seats were sold on the map.” Another added: “Look I considered going cause I love a concert, but the PRICES?!? Floor were $1K.” One fan replied: “Yep a lot of artists are going crazy with the ticket pricing and then are surprised they aren’t selling well.” Another added: “Floor in my city was $3.6K. Not even resale.”

“She’s not relevant anymore,” commented another, followed by the crying laughing emoji. “That woman needs to retire seriously, it’s time. She doesn’t need more money, greedy woman,” criticized another user, as someone else simply said: “J-Lo is pathetic.” “Weren’t her tickets super expensive? She talks a lot about helping the community but everything she does is super expensive,” noted another disgruntled TikTok user.

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