The black book which allegedly contains the names of 221 of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates is going to auction and is estimated to have a hefty price tag.

As reported by the Daily Beast, the auction is anticipated to draw bids reaching up to $200,000 or more.

The book was discovered in the 1990s on Fifth Avenue in the East Village by a female musician.

Epstein died in 2019. Credit: Florida Department of Law Enforcement/Getty

Its content allegedly features 349 names, including 221 absent from Epstein’s later infamous black book.

Business Insider’s investigation in 2021 shed light on the book’s significance, revealing many contacts claimed to only know Epstein in passing.

The auction revives public interest in Epstein’s network, following the leak of his earlier black book in 2015 by Gawker.

Despite featuring prominent figures like Michael Bloomberg, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Mick Jagger, and Prince Andrew, all individuals implicated have vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

Earlier this year, a network of influential figures connected to the disgraced financier has come to light following a ruling by New York district judge Loretta Preska.

The disclosure emerged from a defamation lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s former associate and convicted child trafficker.

The book features the names of Epstein’s associates. Credit: Rick Friedman/Getty

Maxwell’s pivotal role in facilitating Epstein’s exploitation of teenage girls has been extensively documented, culminating in her conviction in December 2021 for sex trafficking and related charges.

Among the unveiled documents is testimony from another victim, Johanna Sjoberg, who recounted Epstein’s remarks regarding Clinton’s alleged associations with him during a 2016 deposition.

Sjoberg attested under oath: “[Epstein] said one time that Clinton likes them young, referring to girls,” according to The New York Times.

While acknowledging knowledge of Epstein’s connections to Clinton, Sjoberg clarified that she wasn’t aware of their friendship until reading about their joint venture to Africa in Vanity Fair.

Epstein and Maxwell. Credit Patrick McMullan/Getty

However, she maintained that she never met Clinton personally, nor witnessed his presence on Epstein’s Caribbean island.

Former President Clinton’s name surfaces at least 73 times in the released documents. Despite the frequency of mentions, there’s no implication of criminal involvement, and Clinton vehemently denies any awareness of Epstein’s illicit activities.

Sjoberg’s account extends to interactions with other prominent figures. Allegations against Prince Andrew and encounters with Michael Jackson at Epstein’s properties are detailed.

However, Sjoberg clarified she did not engage in any physical interaction with Jackson during their meeting in Palm Beach.

Epstein died by suicide in 2019 while awaiting trial, though his death remains the subject of conspiracy theories.

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