Here’s how the years have changed famous heartthrob Nick Nolte

«Once the hottest macho, today disappointed fans!»💔😠The aged Nolte was caught in paparazzi footage looking unkempt and holding a bottle in his hand🍾🫢He’s unrecognizable, see here⬇️⬇️⬇️

Nick Nolte was one of the most attractive men in acting. He is among the most desirable and successful actors. His facial features and beauty drove every girl crazy, and besides this, his appearance became the reason for career heights and endless love.

But as we all know, time does not pass by and now the hasty actor is already 82 years old. Paparazzi recently spotted the actor on the street and immediately shared his photos on the Internet. Apparently the actor is struggling with aging and his recent pictures have worried fans.

«He was my idol!», «Time has changed him!», «What happened to him?», «He turned into a homeless alcoholic», Internet users wrote.

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