‘Grumpy old lady’ ruins daddy-daughter fun, he hopes he ‘ruined her entire day’

No child ever wants to be in the slow-moving grocery cart. The faster it goes, the more fun shopping becomes. Some parents err on the side of caution, while others know that a speeding cart is the best way to engage a restless, bored kid.

This story is about a father, who won’t let anything, or anyone, stop the spinning and zooming cart that carries his four-year-old daughter. Not even the “grumpy old lady” in the grocery store.

Keep reading to learn why this dad said: “She ruined my shopping outing, I hope I ruined her entire day.”

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Recently, a 40-year-old father shared his story on the ‘Petty Revenge’ subreddit, detailing his trip to the grocery store with his little daughter, and an unfortunate encounter with a “grumpy old lady.”

“My daughter loves grocery shopping with me, especially if we get one of those race car grocery cart,” writes the dad. “If it’s a slow time at the store I take her to the deli (where there is a wide-open space in the corner) and spin a circle with the cart…she LOVES it!”

While the dad was treating his daughter to “a single spin,” a woman – whom he estimates to be in her early 70s – made her approach, shaking her head.

“She muttered something about having ‘absolutely no respect for public spaces.’”

Teaching moment

Doing the right thing, the OP apologized to the woman, “Sorry mam, I was just having fun with my child. Sorry to have offended you…have a nice day.”

While many people might have appreciated the genuine apology, the father then writes that the other shopper wasn’t quite finished.

Next attacking his style of parenting, she sniped, “Shame on you for teaching your child such poor manners, I taught my children how to behave in public.”

After the two exchanged a few more heated words, the “extremely perceptive” little girl, who was still sitting in the cart, asked her dad if she had done something wrong.

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The poster, who was trying to make his child happy, was triggered when he realized the prickly woman was causing her distress.

Speaking at the woman, but to his girl, he answered, “Absolutely not honey, that’s just a very grumpy old bully!”

The woman argued over the “grumpy” title and despite being the one who engaged conversation, she insisted she be left alone.

But not before the OP got in the last line.

“You taught your children to behave in stores? I’m teaching mine to stand up to bullies like you, thank you for this perfect teaching moment,” he said as he rolled his daughter away.

Finish line

Checking out at the same time, the author saw the woman griping to the cashier about the situation.

According to him, she accused him and the little girl of harassment.

“I just gave a totally confused shrug. I’m still in my formal work clothes (suit and tie) and my daughter is wearing her adorable poofy fairy skirt, picture perfect innocence…the till person gave me an apologetic smile and just nodded and smiled,” he writes.

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And once in the parking lot, he had one last race with his daughter.

“Once outside I made sure to drag race that cart past her as loud and as obnoxiously as I could and my daughter squealed in delight!” he continues, “I didn’t even bother looking back at that crusty old b****. She ruined my shopping outing, I hope I ruined her entire day.”

Before opening the conversation to fellow Redditors, the dad says, “I do feel bad for people that are this desperately miserable, but I also have zero patience for them taking it out on other people just trying to enjoy a sliver of joy in their day.”

‘Happy, carefree little ones’

The online community praised the poster’s parenting style, and some shared stories of their own.

“You’d better hope that I NEVER catch you and your daughter at the grocery store, partaking in those shopping cart shenanigans.” Jokingly challenging the father and daughter to a race, the comment continues, “We always get the red racing car cart, and will blow your friggin’ caster-wheels off. Don’t even think we’re not above drifting around the cereal [aisle], either.


A second shares, “When I see people with their kids and they’re younger than mine I will always give a smile whether it’s a happy one or oof I’ve been there one, solidarity…I get nostalgic seeing happy carefree little ones.”

A third quips, “I would do it with my son, but I don’t think he’d like it. Ever since he turned 30, he thinks stuff like that is beneath him.”

“I am very old lady, and I would have asked ‘Can I get the next ride, please?’” adds another Redditor.

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