Mrs. Davis couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her daughter, whom she had lost 20 years ago, at her son’s wedding. Little did she know it would reveal another secret she’d hidden for long.

“So, what did you two decide? And when can we have a proper meeting with Sasha?” Mrs. Davis asked her son Brian. He and Sasha planned to marry in November, but Mrs. Davis hadn’t met her yet. They had talked a few times online and once on a video call, but the call was brief.

“We’ve decided on holding the wedding next week, mom. Since Sasha’s grandmother’s health is deteriorating and she has stated that she wants to see her granddaughter marry soon, everything is preponed. Sasha’s parents will call you this week. Sorry for troubling you guys.”

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“No, Brian. It’s completely fine. I am glad you care about her family so much. After all, it shows I raised my son well, right?” Mrs. Davis laughed.

“Of course, mom! You’re the best mother! Anyway, we have some wedding shopping left to do, so I’ll catch up with you later. And I’ll send you the flight tickets by tonight, okay?”

“Sure, honey. Take care and see you guys soon!” Mrs. Davis replied and hung up.

Brian and Sasha met a few years ago at a work conference, and it was love at first sight. Brian proposed to Sasha for marriage after a few months of dating, and they planned to visit Brian’s parents this year to tell them about their wedding.

However, Sasha’s grandmother fell ill, and all the plans had to be moved up. That was also one of the reasons why Sasha and Brian had to organize their wedding in New York, where they were working, rather than in Brian’s hometown.

As per the wedding schedule, Mr. and Mrs. Davis were to arrive in New York on the morning of the wedding day. They had planned to meet Sasha and Brian at the airport, but Sasha had to stay back due to issues at the wedding hall, so Brian had to pick up his parents alone. However, as soon as Mrs. Davis reached the venue, she went to see Sasha.

She was sitting in her room, dressed in her wedding gown, with three other girls assisting her. Sasha noticed Mrs. Davis entering her room through the mirror and dashed over to hug her. “Oh, Mrs. Davis! Finally, we got a chance to meet each other! How are you?”

Mrs. Davis had an odd feeling as Sasha hugged her. It didn’t feel like she was meeting her for the first time. She kept looking at her for a while until Sasha interrupted, “Mrs. Davis, are you okay?”

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“Oh yes, honey. I’m good. By the way, I must say my son has chosen the most beautiful girl for himself, hasn’t he?” Mrs. Davis looked at the other girls in the room. They gave her a warm smile and nodded in agreement.

Sasha blushed a little. “Thank you, Mrs. Davis. You’re really sweet. Please have a seat.”

As Mrs. Davis took a seat, she looked closely at Sasha and noticed that she had the same birthmark on her neck as her daughter Tina, whom she lost 20 years ago.

It was a gloomy day when Tina mysteriously vanished at an amusement park. She was with Mrs. Davis and Brian at the time. Mrs. Davis had asked Brian to watch her while she went to get some snacks for them, but the boy was so preoccupied with other children that he completely forgot about Tina.

Sadly, Mrs. Davis returned to find her daughter missing. She looked around the park and filed a complaint, but nothing happened.

Now staring at Sasha, Mrs. Davis couldn’t help but be reminded of Tina. When she first spoke to Sasha on a video call, she was wearing glasses, but today, seeing Sasha without her glasses was like staring into Tina’s eyes!

At this point, Mrs. Davis was completely perplexed. Is she really Tina? Perhaps I’m mistaken. Or should I wait and ask her mother? Mrs. Davis simply sat there confused, not knowing what to do. However, Sasha quickly noticed that she looked a bit worried. “Are you okay, Mrs. Davis? You seem tense.”

“Oh no, honey. I’m fine,” Mrs. Davis replied. “I think it’s because of the trip. By the way, can I meet your mom?”

“Oh yes, she’s in the next room with granny,” Sasha replied. “Do you want me to come with you?”

“Oh no, it’s alright. I’ll see you soon, honey,” Mrs. Davis replied as she left.

Sasha’s mother, Mrs. Matthews, was sitting beside Sasha’s grandmother, who had fallen asleep after her medications. Her curiosity brimming, Mrs. Davis took Mrs. Matthews outside quietly to talk about Sasha. “Please don’t get me wrong, Mrs. Matthews, but is Sasha really your daughter?” she asked curiously.

Mrs. Matthews looked stunned. “Why are you asking me that?”

“I don’t know how to say it, but Sasha seems very similar to my daughter Tina. I had lost her in a park 20 years ago, but it can be just a feeling, you know … I’m sorry if I offended you.”

Mrs. Matthews took a deep breath, and at one moment, Mrs. Davis saw fear in her eyes. Then she finally spoke. “No, Mrs. Davis, you’re not mistaken. Sasha is my adopted daughter.”

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Shock rushed through Mrs. Davis as tears began to well in her eyes. She felt relief and sadness simultaneously as she listened to Mrs. Matthews’s next words.

“I always wanted to become a mother, but I couldn’t conceive. And the day my husband brought Sasha home, I couldn’t let her go. I know I was selfish, but I just couldn’t let her leave.”

It turns out Mr. Matthews, who had a part-time job at the park then, had discovered Sasha crying on a bench. He was just leaving after his shift when he noticed the baby wrapped in a pink towel. He brought her home and had planned to call the cops, but Mrs. Matthews stopped him.

“How could you do this, Mrs. Matthews?” Mrs. Davis was furious. “You deprived another mother of her child just to satisfy yourself? I can’t believe this! I’m going to tell Tina everything!”

“No, wait, Mrs. David!” Mrs. Matthews began pleading. “Don’t tell her anything. She’ll hate me forever. You know a mother can’t handle that.”

Mrs. Davis gave her a cold stare. “It’s already too late for that, Mrs. Matthews. Tina deserves to know the truth!”

Despite Mrs. Matthews’ pleadings, Mrs. Davis told Sasha everything. Sasha was in tears when she learned the whole truth. “Is this true, Mom?” she asked Mrs. Matthews. “Like how…”

“Listen, Sasha, darling…” Mrs. Matthews began to speak, but Sasha interrupted her. “Is Brian aware of this? Or did he keep the truth from me as well?! What exactly is going on?”

“Calm down, honey,” Mrs. Davis hugged her. “It’s okay. We will tell him everything.”

“I don’t know how to process all of this! I am so confused right now,” Sasha cried uncontrollably as she hugged her back. “I don’t know how Brain will react to all of this. What do I do?”

“It’s going to be okay, honey. Don’t worry,” Mrs. Davis replied. “I’m here, okay?”

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Mrs. Davis immediately called Brian to Sasha’s room and told him everything. He was shocked when he discovered he and Sasha were siblings. “Mom, what the hell is going on? That doesn’t make any sense!”

“Yes, honey. She is, but…” Mrs. Davis said.

“But what, mom? I can’t marry her! She’s my sister!”

“You guys aren’t related by blood!” Mrs. Davis said after a pause. “Sasha is not your biological sister, Brian.”

“What?” Brian was taken aback.

“Yes, Brian. The truth is that you’re adopted. You are my friend’s son. Your parents passed away in a car accident, and none of your relatives agreed to raise you; in fact, they were about to send you off to an orphanage, but that’s when your dad and I decided to adopt you.”

Brian’s eyes widened. “But mom, why did you never tell me about it? Why did you hide it for so long?”

Mrs. Davis started crying. “I’m sorry, dear, but I was afraid to lose you. Tina was already gone, and we couldn’t lose you. I was scared you would leave us if you had discovered you were adopted.”

“No, mom! I would never do that,” Brain said as he hugged her. “You never gave me the impression that you were my adoptive mother. Regardless of whether you gave birth to me or not, I will always love you.”

“That’s true,” Sasha added as she held both of her mothers’ hands in hers. “In fact, I am lucky that I met my biological mother and was loved by an equally caring adoptive mother. I know it’s a bit difficult for all of us, but let’s just forget everything here and start fresh!”

Finally, after that emotional reunion, Sasha walked down the aisle with her mothers, and soon after the wedding, the two families moved in together.

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