Former fitness model Loni Willison spotted rummaging through dumpster for food – seeing her now is heartbreaking

It’s all too easily done, forgetting to count our blessings and truly appreciate the positive things in our lives. As is so often said, you never really consider how good something is until you no longer have it.

Naturally, many of us aspire to be wealthy. A few of us desire fame as well as fortune. But there are also droves of people who want for the simple things in life – things that others – perhaps even you and I – might well take for granted.

You see, that’s the thing about happiness. It’s a sliding scale of relativity, and no matter how bad things seem to be, or how tough a situation is, you can virtually be assured that there’s someone out there praying to be in your shoes.

It’s also worth considering that things in life can – and so often do – change on a dime. What’s promised one day isn’t promised the next, which is why, where possible, it’s always good practice to pause and appreciate the things that bring happiness to your days, no matter how small they might be.

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On the subject of fortunes changing, perhaps we could all take a lesson from the ex-wife of former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson, Loni Willison, who was reportedly spotted recently rummaging around in a dumpster looking food.

Willison, a former popular swimsuit model often seen on red carpets with Jackson, had the world at her feet at one stage, but her and Jackson’s breakup almost a decade ago set her on a spiraling downward path.

According to the New York Post, Willison, 39, has been living in homeless encampments around California for almost seven years, and is most commonly seen towing around a shopping cart filled with her possessions.

It was 2016 that the cover girl was first sighted on the streets of Los Angeles. She and Jeremy Jackson – who rose to fame as Hobie Buchannon on Baywatch – divorced in 2014 after two years of marriage, with Loni struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse problems since.

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Now, the once radiant, blonde beauty cuts a shadow of her former self. Pictures taken as recently as Tuesday showed Loni looking haggard and gaunt, with missing teeth and short hair.

Willison, a former model and fitness enthusiast, endured a tumultuous end to her marriage with Jackson. The pair engaged in a drunken fight that resulted in Jackson allegedly trying to strangle Willison, leaving her with two broken ribs, and injured neck and scratches to her face and body.

In an interview with The Sun two years ago, she said: “It took me over two months to recover properly.”

Willison also revealed she was in a “very bad place” following the divorce. She started living rough after losing her job as a plastic surgeon’s assistant.

“I couldn’t work out or take on any modeling jobs,” she said.

At the time, the Daily Mail reported that Loni was addicted to crystal meth, but the former model claimed she had enough to get by.

“I haven’t got a cell phone. I’ve got food and I’ve got a place to sleep,” she said. “I get money here and there and there’s food in the bins and near the stores. There’s lots here.”

Loni Willison’s fall from grace: ex-fitness model-turned-addict rummages dumpster

Posted by Families on Saturday, April 29, 2023

As per the New York Post, Larry Marinelli, a drug rehab specialist who owns a sober living home, offered Willison help at no cost, but the 39-year-old turned down the treatment and returned to the streets less than 24 hours later.

I sincerely hope that Loni can get the help she needs to get back on her feet.

Seeing someone fall from grace like this is truly heartbreaking. Share this article if you also want to send love and prayers in Loni Willison’s direction.

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