Despite being teased by her friends for her strong religious beliefs, Nicole Kidman regularly attends church with her famous husband and two of her children.

The “Bombshell” star, Nicole Kidman, is the proud mother of four children. Her two eldest, Connor and Bella, were born during her relationship with actor Tom Cruise, while her two youngest, Faith and Sunday, became part of the family after she married country music star Keith Urban.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Kidman admitted to instilling her faith in her youngest kids, and they frequently go to church, despite the teasing from friends. Her personal life has always been intertwined with religion, encompassing not only Catholicism but other spiritual beliefs as well.

Over the years, Kidman has graced the screen in a multitude of successful films and TV shows, including “The Hours,” “Rabbit Hole,” “Big Little Lies,” and “Nine Perfect Strangers.” Her remarkable career has inevitably drawn attention to her personal life, and her first marriage was no exception.

The fortunate partner was actor Tom Cruise, renowned for his role in “Mission: Impossible” and one of the most prominent followers of the Church of Scientology. The former couple first crossed paths in 1989 on the set of “Days of Thunder” and immediately hit it off.

They exchanged vows in 1990, a mere year after their initial meeting, and were eager to start a family promptly. Kidman became pregnant shortly after their wedding but tragically experienced an ectopic pregnancy, resulting in the heartbreaking loss of their child.

The painful experience of a miscarriage significantly impacted the lives of Kidman and Cruise. Desiring to have children, they chose to adopt a daughter, Isabella, and a son, Connor, born in December 1992 and January 1995, respectively.

Both children became part of Cruise and Kidman’s family through the Church of Scientology, growing up with Scientology influences. In 2001, Kidman experienced another pregnancy but suffered a miscarriage. Shortly after, Cruise filed for divorce.

Following the divorce, Isabella and Connor remained with Cruise and continued their affiliation with Scientology. Kidman was reportedly labeled a Suppressive Person by the Church, marking her as an enemy hindering the progress of Scientologists or the Scientology movement.

This categorization allegedly strained Kidman’s relationship with her children, and they reportedly don’t have frequent contact. However, both the Church, Kidman, and her children have emphasized that religion was not the primary factor. In 2014, Connor expressed his love for Kidman, describing their relationship as “solid.”

Kidman acknowledged that her children are now adults capable of making their own decisions and emphasized her respect for their beliefs by keeping their lives private. Regarding Isabella, Kidman mentioned that she lives outside London because she has always felt a connection to England. While Kidman missed Isabella’s 2015 wedding to IT consultant Max Parker, they reconnected during the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2022, Connor resided in Clearwater, Florida. Not only involved in the upper ranks of Scientology, but he also managed a BBQ restaurant named Connor’s Meat Shack. Additionally, he pursued his passion for deep-sea fishing and reportedly tied the knot with fellow Scientologist Silvia Zanchi in 2019.

As for Bella, she worked as an auditor in the UK branch of the Church of Scientology. Expressing gratitude on social media, she thanked her father for helping her achieve this significant accomplishment.

Despite the challenges in her relationship with her adopted children, Kidman has found a more positive family dynamic with her new family. After marrying country music star Keith Urban in June 2006, they welcomed their daughter Sunday in 2008. The couple’s second daughter, Faith, joined the family in 2010 through gestational surrogacy. While Kidman and Urban typically keep their daughters out of the public eye, occasional glimpses are shared on social media.

In 2021, Urban posted a photo of his wife and daughters with their backs to the camera, facing a lowered American flag in observance of Memorial Day.

Kidman acknowledged that her daughters are “global children,” having friends worldwide due to their experiences living in different countries. Despite their occasional complaints about frequent moves, she emphasized the importance of keeping the family together.

Kidman has a deep love for motherhood, and she expressed regret for not having more children. Despite her initial desire for ten kids, fertility issues limited her to four. Nevertheless, she actively embraces the role of motherhood in various aspects, including caring for her nieces, nephew, and 12 godchildren.

While being associated with the Church of Scientology during her relationship with Cruise, Kidman grew up in an Irish Catholic family. Influenced by her grandmother’s strong Catholic background, she was raised in a religious environment, and she rarely takes off the diamond-studded crucifix her grandmother gave her. Kidman has described herself as a spiritual person who firmly believes in God, even expressing an early desire to become a nun. However, her path led her to become one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses.

Kidman openly discusses her religious beliefs, despite friends occasionally teasing her. She and Urban, who has his own beliefs, frequently attend church with their daughters, reflecting the values they aim to instill in their family.

In a 2021 interview with Jimmy Fallon, Kidman shared a significant moment in her relationship with Urban. On her birthday, he surprised her with flowers, a gesture that made her realize he was the one. Despite knowing each other for just six months at that point, they have now been happily married for 16 years, showcasing a beautiful and enduring partnership.

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