Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton recently tied the knot, blending their families together as Stefani brings children from her previous marriage into the mix. Now, fans are taking notice of the special bond between Shelton and Stefani’s boys.

Having been married for some time now, Stefani and Shelton have shared their joy over their blended family. Despite Shelton not having biological children of his own, Stefani has praised him as a wonderful stepfather to her sons.

Their journey as a family began during their time together on “The Voice,” where their relationship blossomed alongside Shelton’s bond with Stefani’s children. However, a recent Instagram post by Shelton shed light on how much Stefani’s sons have grown and fans couldn’t help but notice a striking resemblance between one of the boys and his stepfather.

In celebration of Stefani’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, Shelton shared photos from the event, capturing heartwarming moments with the family. While many fans lauded Shelton’s love for Stefani and her achievements, some couldn’t overlook the uncanny resemblance between Stefani’s middle son and Shelton.

Amidst the praises, fans pointed out that Stefani’s oldest son resembled his father, while her middle son bore a striking resemblance to Shelton, even down to the dimples. Despite the impossibility of a biological connection, the bond between Shelton and Stefani’s sons is evident in their family dynamic.

Shelton has embraced his role as a stepfather wholeheartedly, acknowledging the responsibility that comes with being a father figure to Stefani’s boys. While adjusting to this new chapter in his life, Shelton finds fulfillment in being both a friend and an authority figure to the boys, actively participating in their lives, including attending sports matches and supporting their endeavors.

Since exchanging vows in 2021, Shelton and Stefani have prioritized family time, often seen together with Stefani’s sons, embodying the essence of a happy and harmonious blended family.

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