Eight-week-old baby shocks mother by babbling words ‘I love you’

An adoring mom was completely shocked with the response she received from her eight-week-old baby after she told the cooing child, “Mama loves you.”

The mother, chatting with her child about the past Christmas and Santa, is thrilled when her tiny tot, smiling and giggling, babbles out the words “I love you.”

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’s first words is a cherished moment for any parent. While most babies start babbling and making vowel sounds around two to three months old, their ability to produce recognizable words typically begins to develop around six months of age.

At this stage, they may start uttering simple words like “mama” or “dada” to refer to their parents or familiar objects in their environment.

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Additionally, the sounds babies make during this stage may vary widely, ranging from coos and gurgles to cries and laughs, as they explore and experiment with their vocal abilities.

Chatty child

As parents, it’s essential to encourage and engage with your baby’s attempts at communication, whether through verbal responses, eye contact, or gestures.

This is exactly what one adoring mom was doing when she captured a priceless moment on camera.

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“Did you have a good Christmas? Did you get everything you wanted?” asks the mom of the cooing baby. “Was Santa good to you?”

The mother then says: “Mama loves you.”

The happy baby, completely focused on her mom’s words, surprisingly responds by babbling the words “I love you.”


The viral video is attracting scores of netizens, gushing over the talking eight-week-old tot.

One user writes: “To think of how many times this baby has already heard ‘I love you’ in her short [eight] week life to already be repeating it…it’s beautiful. Life is beautiful.”

“Life changing. As a 14-year-old, I have never found babies to be adorable. And this baby is adorable. Life changing,” writes a second.

Meanwhile, not all users are convinced the baby is actually saying “I love you.”

A cyber fan writes: “Parent hears: ‘I love you.’ Other mum or dad hears: ‘A wubyoo.’ Single person, no kids, hears: ‘Ahwwwaoo.’”

Another user, offering an explanation on what some people might perceive to be gibberish, writes: “Babies start off by imitating sounds and as you talk to them more they start to talk so you should continue to carry a conversation with a child even if they don’t understand you at first.”

The comment continues: “They can process a lot more then you think.”

It’s important to note that each child develops at their own pace, and some may start speaking earlier or later than others.

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