Brad Pitt’s biological daughter wants to stay with her father, while the adopted children all side with Angelina Jolie.

Divorced parents and a broken family is something no child wants. When in this situation, not only parents but children will also suffer a lot. Especially when the parents’ divorce did not take place peacefully, but revolved around legal noise and child custody rights. For children born into families with famous parents, this becomes even more difficult and complicated, causing the children’s normally peaceful life to be completely disturbed. The “divorce battle” of couple Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie is a typical case.

Recently, the noise about Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie’s biological and adopted children confronting each other has caused continuous media coverage. Specifically, biological daughter Shiloh took action against Pax Thien – Angelina Jolie’s Vietnamese-born adopted son.

Accordingly, among the four older children including biological and adopted children, only biological daughter Shiloh shows love for her father and wishes to restore the family to the way it was before. “Shiloh just wants her family to be complete and happy. She loves both her parents. She understands that things are no longer the same as before, but Shiloh’s dream is to want her parents to be friends instead of the way they are now,” the source said. Life & Style’s rights to disclose.

As for the three adopted children, Maddox, Pax Thien and Zahara, they all showed a cold attitude towards their father, completely siding with their mother. In particular, his adopted son Pax Thien is the fiercest opponent of Brad Pitt. 4 years ago on “Father’s Day”, Pax Thien posted an article criticizing his adoptive father with very harsh words, calling Brad Pitt a “world-class bastard” because he thought that the Hollywood actor domestic violence.

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According to InTouch, daughter Shiloh plans to move out to live with her father when she turns 18. This is considered a move against Angelina Jolie’s adopted children. Even though she doesn’t like this, the “Maleficent” actress still respects her daughter’s decision.

In order to mend the relationship between family members, over the years, while the older siblings all refused to contact their father, Shiloh always had special affection for him, encouraging the siblings in the family. chat with Brad Pitt. However, it seems that things are still not progressing better according to Shiloh’s wishes.

The fact that children become separated into two opposing factions, one following their mother and one following their father after a divorce is in fact not a rare situation that only happens in the Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie family. Many other families are also in similar situations, and this has caused tension between parents and children or between children.

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However, parents need to understand that instability in family relationships after parents divorce will strongly affect all aspects of their children’s journey to adulthood. When reaching a sufficient age to understand, parents should respect their children’s own decisions and choices. Children have every right to want to live with their father or mother, but regardless, parents need to have mutual responsibility to raise their children well.

This requires good cooperation and communication between parents, even if they are divorced. Parents need to establish a child care and parenting plan, and discuss important decisions such as their child’s education, health and daily activities together. During this process, parents need to put their child’s interests first and avoid letting conflicts or conflicts between the two parties negatively affect the child.

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