“Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser’s parents divorced when he was only two years old. He didn’t know anything at all about his famous father, who has starred in “The Young and The Restless,” “Tough Guys Don’t Dance,” “Vice Squad,” and many more—almost 150 movies.

Cole Hauser’s parents divorced when the young actor was two years old. It took the youngster seven years before he got to know his father after seeing his name during the ending credits of a movie on Television.

Cole Hauser’s most famous role has come from portraying the character Rip Wheeler on Paramount Network’s hit series “Yellowstone.”

The actor’s parents are some of his biggest supporters, especially his father, who is also a cowboy and an actor himself.

Cole and his father have not always been buddies because the young actor was raised by his mother, and it took him nine years before he even knew who his father was.


Cole Hauser was born to his father, Wings Hauser, and mother, Cass Warner. His mother is an award-winning writer and producer and the founder of the production company “Warner Sisters.”

His parents divorced when Cole was only two years old, and Cass raised the youngster as a single mother. She also never remarried.

Cass described Cole was born at dawn on a ranch in Santa Barbara, and growing up, the youngster was always interested in life and living fully.

Cole Hauser during "Tigerland" Los Angeles Premiere at Zanuck Theatre | Source: Getty Images

He was also very curious, and, at five years old, Cole would wander into the Oregon woods to explore with the family’s two Irish setter dogs.

Cole would always show up later with a smile on his face and, after lunch, hop on his small cinnamon pony and practice sliding over her head.


Cole was about nine years old when he watched a movie in which his father appeared. The youngster did not recognize him, but he saw the name Wings Hauser during the ending credits.

Afterward, he went to his mother to demand an explanation as to who Wings Hauser was, and Cass subsequently revealed Wings was his father.

His father, Gerald Dwight Hauser, became popularly known as “Wings” after releasing an album titled “Your Love Keeps Me Off the Streets” under the pseudonym Wings Livinryte in 1975.

Wings, an actor and director was born in Hollywood into a family of famous filmmakers and was destined to be a star himself.

The award-winning actor is known for his performance in movies like “Tough Guys Don’t Dance,” “Tales from the Hood,” and “The Young and The Restless.”

Actor Wings Hauser arrives at the Comedy Central Roast Of David Hasselhoff held at Sony Pictures Studios on August 1, 2010 | Source: Getty Images

With more than 50 years of acting and over 114 movie credits to him, the actor was once honored by the Zeus Brothers Entertainment, who dedicated a vlog to him.

Soon after Cole found out who Wings was, the youngster moved in with his father when he turned 15 years old. The veteran actor subsequently mentored his young son and taught him the tricks on how to become an actor himself.

The actor’s mother, Cass Warner, was also born into a family of legendary filmmakers, and her father, Milton Sperling, was an award-winning writer and producer.

Cass would follow Milton to the Warner Bros Studios as a child, and the little girl was allowed to roam as much as she wanted.

These tours and the experience inspired her and fanned the flames of her filmmaking passion. Afterward, she studied acting with the iconic Milton Katselas.

\u200b Producer Cass Warner attends the 5th annual Burbank International Film Festival opening night premiere of "The Brothers Warner" held at Warner Bros. Studios on September 4, 2013 | Source: Getty Images

She also learned screenwriting from her father and Howard Koch of Casablanca fame. Cass subsequently created her own production company called Warner Sisters.

In 2008, Cass created a documentary titled “The Brothers Warner” to provide viewers insight into the family and their filmmaking legacy. She also started a series called “Conversations with Cass,” where she talks with some of the most respected and famous actors in the movie industry.

Cole was raised by his mother in large parts, and the pair are very close. He supported her nonprofit organization called “The Dream Factory Project” by participating in a video conversation with his mother.

In the video clip, which was meant to encourage people to pursue their dreams, the actor recalled how Cass allowed him to attend acting camps as a teenager, inspiring him to follow his dreams of being an actor.

He explained he was affected by relating to people in a good way instead of a wrong way. The actor also admired his mother for her strength in the human spirit.

The actor also regularly posts their pictures and would mention Cass on his Instagram account. On December 17, 2017, he shared a now-deleted picture of the pair on horseback, which he captioned:

“My momma and I cruise(ing) the hills of Utah on horseback. Love (our) time together.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he also posted a picture of his mother with his wife and kids, indicating Cass was quarantining with her son.

Cole spent a lot of time with his maternal grandfather Milton Sperling, and the actor explained he learned a lot from him. He revealed Milton taught him to be honest, truthful, and to be a man in acknowledging his mistakes and moving forward from them.

Milton was a famous producer for both 20th Fox Century studios and Warner Bros. He also had a production unit within Warner Bros called United States Pictures.

The “Yellowstone” star praised his grandfather for being a very brilliant man and explained he studied Milton a lot as a kid. Whenever he had to make a decision, he would always do what he felt his grandfather would approve of.

The actor explained that his maternal grandparents are renowned for always being hardworking, coming over as Russian immigrants, and building a production empire like Warner Bros.

Cole’s maternal great grandfather Harry Warner was one of the founders of the legendary movie company Warner Bros.

Harry started as the owner of a bicycle shop before he sold it and used the proceeds to pursue a career in Hollywood along with his brothers. Together they set up a theater called the Cascade.

He served as the President of Warner Bros till 1956, when he and his brothers decided to put the company on the market. Sadly, Harry died two years later, aged 76

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