A woman who pulled down a teenager’s skirt to shame her has been charged with sexual battery.

Ida Ann Lorenzo has been charged with a sex crime after she allegedly decided to grab the skirt of an 18-year-old and yank it down while in a restaurant.

It was reported that Lorenzo approached a group of girls at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse in the city of St George in Utah on Saturday night and started hounding one of the teens about her outfit.

In a video posted to TikTok, the 48-year-old could be heard telling the alleged victim that if she has to watch her “a** cheeks hanging out again,” she would call Child Protective Services.

Credit: Kypros/Getty

The clip, which only lasts a few seconds, starts in the middle of the altercation, with the person filming saying: “Is this actually happening?”

Moments later, Lorenzo tells the group of girls: “I happen to work for the state. If I have to watch your a** cheek hanging out again, I will call the CPS.”

One of the teens responds back with: “[Do] you work for the state?” while another adds: “Please call the police.”

Have a look at the video below:

As per the Daily Mail, she later told police that she was planning to file an indecent exposure report, but instead, it was she who faced criminal charges for her behavior.

Charged with Class A battery, Lorenzo, who works for Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, was booked into the Purgatory Correctional Facility in Hurricane.

She also told the outlet that the teen’s skirt was allegedly “hiked above her v*gina and butt,” exposing her pubic hair while in a public area.

After the clip was posted to TikTok by one of the girls’ friends who goes by the username @ccsnowwww, it garnered a lot of attention, with many clearly glad that the woman was punished for harassing the girl.

“Nice lol, please tell me this means she has to register as a sex offender lololol…oh the irony,” wrote one user while another added: “INCREDIBLE NEWS!!!!! Good for you guys!!!!”

A third was also glad to see the back of Lorenzo too writing: “Sooo satisfying… best update.”

However, after the video went viral, it seems as though the attorney went back to the authorities claiming that her life had been “threatened”, to which there has not been an update on as of yet.

I mean this is the pure definition of you f*** around and you find out.

Am I right?

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