Woman proudly embraces body hair, claims men love her natural fuzz

A Mexican-born woman says she’s comfortable in her own skin, which is insulated by a bushy coat of hair.

Refusing to be “brainwashed” by “social norms” or stymied by online critics, the 34-year-old woman unapologetically embraces her natural fuzziness, rebelling against the idea that women should be hairless.

Keep reading to learn more about this woman and the hair that gives her the warm and fuzzies!

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Rejecting traditional beauty standards, Aria Loca is a social media influencer who creates body-positive content where she’s embracing her natural shag.

“I saw other women showing off their body hair and it seemed so rebellious and badass. A lot of us don’t realise we’ve been brainwashed since birth to fit societal norms,” says Loca, 34. “Women with smooth, hairless skin are plastered everywhere and that’s what we think women should look like.”

Showing off her furry armpits and legs, Loca ditched her shaving tools when she was 21, after finding inspiration in Patti Smith’s “Easter” album cover, which shows the singer with hairy armpits.

Let it grow

The Mexican woman says her friends frequently say they admire her confidence and wish they too could embrace their natural hair growth.

She said: “I have received some comments from friends saying they wish they could stop shaving like me, but they’re too scared of what others will say.”

And she’s no stranger to attacks from people who wish to chop her confidence.

Mixed reactions

Sharing images on her social media, Loca’s journey to flipping the switch on how natural women are perceived hasn’t been easy.

“Hey girl, your legs have so much hair, look how much hair she has, I hate hair, please cut your hair,” writes one user.

Offering his input, a second shares: “Good for her, as long she doesn’t start to go online crying discrimination or why straight men are not attracted to her, but if make her feel good ok, she may be getting extra attention but is that really the kind of attention u want?”

But Loca doesn’t let the negativity get to her.

“Negative comments come from online. There’s always going to be haters, not much you can do about that,” she said. “I don’t really think much about what other people may think. I enjoy spreading awareness though and like to think I could be changing perspectives, just like mine was changed.”

And though her body hair might be puzzling to some, the woman has grown a massive following and is frequently showered by compliments from men gushing over her bushiness.

“So beautiful, natural [Goddess]” writes one fan. “So nice and hairy,” writes another.

Referring to her loyal following, the electrical journeywoman says: “Now I get comments from men every day saying how much they love hairy legs and armpits on women.”

But the love she gets on social media doesn’t translate into real life.

“I was once in a relationship with someone that wasn’t into it. I kept shaving to please them but I would never do that now,” Loca tells the Daily Mail. “If they can’t fully accept me, they’re not for me, and I’m not for them.”

She adds: “Were all beautiful the way we are and if women weren’t meant to have body hair then we wouldn’t have body hair, but it’s there for a reason. I love embracing my womanhood by embracing my body hair.”

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