Superman from ‘Lois & Clark’ Was Proud at Son’s Graduation after Quitting Career to Raise Him Alone

Dean Cain, a.k.a. Superman/Clark Kent from the television series “Lois & Clark,” raised his only son, Christopher, as a single father.

At the peak of his career, Dean had to sacrifice it for his son in a custody fight with his ex.

In a rare photo, the actor’s son is all grown-up, and he makes him proud.

In 2023, Dean Cain, well-known as Clark Kent or Superman from the television series, “Lois & Clark,” shared a rare photo of his son, Christopher. The actor’s only child was already grown up at 22.

On May 6, 2023, Dean shared a rare Instagram picture of his son wearing full graduation clothes and sunglasses as he collected his college certificate from High Point University. The star was thrilled about his son’s achievement.

K. Callan as Martha Kent, Dean Cain as Superman, and Eddie Jones as Jonathan Kent on the seaon one pilot episode of "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," on September 12, 1993 | Source: Getty Images

He called Christopher “The Graduate” and revealed he was a “proud dad.” Fans rushed to show their support, with one person congratulating both father and son and asking if it wasn’t an “amazing feeling” to see one’s children succeed.

Someone else hoped the celebrity would enjoy and remember the moment, as it was also an accomplishment for Dean. The follower believed it reflected how “wonderful” he was as a father to his “favorite human” before congratulating Christopher.

Fan comments on Dean Cains post celebrating his son, Christopher Cain's High Point University graduation on May 6, 2023 | Source: Instagram/deuces1966

A third person congratulated the duo and noted the graduation was a “proud father and son moment” that would last forever. Another Instagram user said the actor had done a “great job” and deserved to be a “proud dad,” while someone wrote:

“Superman has passed on a great legacy.”

A follower shared how Christopher was his “father’s pride.” Dean deserved pride in his son’s achievements  as he’d played the most significant role in the young man’s upbringing, including making life-changing sacrifices.

Why Did Dean Have to Quit Career to Raise Christopher Alone?

In a 2000 article, Dean explained what made him take on some film projects. He explained that he did some movies sometimes because they inspired him or were usually due to people’s inspiration.

The actor honestly revealed that the third reason would be because he wanted money and took the role as a job so they could make a living. In his case, he took some posts because he wanted to be able to take care of his son.

Then aged 34, Dean’s son was only six-months-old, and his mother was Samantha Torres. In 1993, the star found fame when he starred in “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” until it concluded in 1997.

Samantha Torres, Dean Cain, and their son Christopher Cain out for a walk in the West Village, New York City on March 17, 2005 | Source: Getty Images

In 2022, the celebrity confessed to giving up significant career opportunities to raise Christopher as a single father. After they’d broken up, the star shared joint custody with his Spanish model ex-girlfriend from 2003.

However, in 2011, he was given sole custody of his son. Becoming a father changed his life and career, causing him to turn down becoming one of television’s highest-paid actors so he could have a choice to help raise his child.

The show he rejected continued for more than six years! Christopher’s father admitted to the contract being very lucrative, but because he was battling for rights over his child, he had a difficult choice to make, stating:

“I was in the middle of a custody dispute, so I could either be a father or take that job.”

The celebrity said it took him less than a split second to make his life-changing choice! The battle between him and Torres waged on for 18 months before the then-two-year-old’s parents won joint custody.

When Dean got sole custody, it was a mutual agreement between him and his ex-girlfriend, as they both wished for Christopher to be raised in one household. The actor was allegedly used to being called a “Superdad,” a play on his role as Superman.

Christopher and Dean Cain during the Aspen Peak at the Opening of The New Ralph Lauren Aspen Store in Aspen, Colorado, on December 30, 2004 | Source: Getty Images

When Christopher was 14, his father described him as his “favorite person on the whole planet,” a phrase one of Dean’s fans used while congratulating the boy on graduating college. The star ensured his son had bonded with twins Elijah and Isabelle, his half-siblings from Torres, who visited often.

Dean [Cain] said nothing in his life was a more significant factor than having his father [Christopher Cain Sr.] present to help raise him.

Showing how incredible he was, the celebrity said he’d do anything for the twins and that although his home might be seen as broken, it would be the last thing you’d think if you hung out there. There was a more profound explanation of why Dean chose his son over his career when he was younger.

The Real Reason Dean Sacrificed His Career for His Son

In 1996, a newspaper article revealed that Dean was a quarter Japanese on Roger Tanaka, his biological father’s side. The “Vendetta” star’s father abandoned his mother before he was born, and the actor never met him.

Dean Cain, his mother Sharon Cain, and his father Christopher Cain at "The Amazing Panda Adventure" premiere on August 20, 1995, in Burbank, California | Source: Getty Images

The celebrity said Tanaka never tried linking up with him, so he had no desire to meet him. Dean was raised by the man and stepfather whose son was named after Christopher Cain Sr., and in 1994, he proudly showed him off when he stopped by the set of “Lois & Clark.”

The actor lit up when he saw his stepfather and proudly said, “There’s my father right there!” Christopher Sr. became his stepfather when the star was only three after his mother, Sharon Thomas, and Tanaka divorced before his birth.

Speaking of his stepfather and mother, Dean said he felt he owed them much. The father of one revealed that being an adoptee influenced him to place fatherhood above his career.

He and his older brother, Roger, were adopted by Christopher Sr. when he married their mother in 1969. The celebrity knew being a father was his biggest priority after being adopted at age four.

Dean said nothing in his life was a more significant factor than having his father present to help raise him. He felt having fathers in the home was an important issue in America and worldwide, with statistics showing how a boy child was more likely to end up in trouble or jail if he didn’t have a male figure at home.

Christopher’s father felt the issue was something quite important to be addressed. Dean shared how he’d never change what he did by sacrificing his career to be a present father to his child.

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