New horror with Nicolas Cage is so terrifying it’s left audiences ‘crying’ and ‘having panic attacks’

If these comments are to be believed then the new horror movie is not one for the fainthearted

Horror fans have been left terrified after watching a new movie starring Nicolas Cage.

Cage is known for nothing if not his versatility in acting, and this new movie takes him into a terrifying horror setting.

And no, before you ask, this is a world away from the remake of The Wickerman which saw Cage stung to death by bees.

Now the Oscar-winning actor stars in a wholly different kind of horror film.

It’s fair to say that the movie has so far garnered some pretty big critical acclaim.

While it has yet to be released in the theatres, the movie has sustained a 100 percent rating on reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s due for full theatrical release on July 12, and is so terrifying it’s even being compared to found-footage film The Blair Witch Project.

So what is this new film which has audiences so terrified?

Nicholas Cage stars in Longlegs. (NEON)

Nicholas Cage stars in Longlegs. (NEON)

It’s called Longlegs, and is already being hailed as a masterpiece of the horror genre.

The movie charts the cat and mouse game between a serial killer, played by Cage, and the FBI agent pursuing him.

Maika Monroe takes on the role of the investigator tasked with tracking him down.

The film has clearly made quite the impression on people on social media.

Many people went online with their thoughts after watching the chilling film.

One wrote: “Saw Longlegs this morning and now I’m just supposed to… carry on with my day? It’s like Osgood Perkins saw Silence of the Lambs and thought, ‘Nah, not f*cked up enough for me’.”

Meanwhile a second posted: “You think you’ve seen Nic Cage do it all and then you see Longlegs and discover there is truly no place he won’t go.

“He’s remarkably unsettling (and funny) in the film, which takes a fairly standard serial killer story and cranks the atmosphere of dread up to 11.”

The movie had audiences terrified. (NEON)

The movie had audiences terrified. (NEON)

One person posted on Twitter: “What did I have for breakfast today? A putrid nightmare of a movie that got under my skin: LONGLEGS.

“Oz Perkins is playing in the same sandbox as Bryan Bertinos’ The Dark and the Wicked, in terms of oppressive dread and festering, nihilistic evil. Naturally, I loved it.”

Someone else described the effect the movie had, writing: “No lie. Longlegs was so insane that a woman behind us started crying halfway thru lmao 10/10 movie.”

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