A lot of people say it’s a sign.

Whether one is a religious person or not, there are those occurrences and encounters that we experience in life which we know are part of something bigger.

To have faith in God means not to question the things that take place and the temptations that sometimes come along the way.

A man named Alfredo Lo Brutto from Italy shared a photo recently of a figure made in the sky which resembles the statue of Christ the Redeemer placed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This magnificent statue is 30 meters high and is one of the largest statues of Jesus as well as the tallest art deco statue in the world.

When Alfredo posted the enchanting photo which was taken over the Tyrrhenian sea, it somehow caused a stir. Some agree the figure is divine and a sign by God and others say it’s just the clouds and the sun penetrating through them.

It is not the first time people to have different opinions of photos that emerge online, and this time, there is a fair share of people on both sides.

“I was enchanted by the view. I don’t often share pictures on social media, but when I took this one, I instantly felt like I wanted other people to see it, because it was so beautiful,” Alfredo told Daily Mail.

Even if you don’t see Jesus here, what we all have to agree with is that this photo is special because it shows the beauty of the world that surrounds us.

What about you? What do you see? Do you believe this sign could be higher powers?

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