An elegant dress with a deep neckline. Jamie Lee Curtis showed off her amazing figure at 64 years old

Halloween’s star, Jamie Lee Curtis, made a stunning appearance on the red carpet in a plunging navy blue dress that beautifully showcased her figure. The dress featured a flattering ruffle just below her bust, adding to her elegant look. To complete her outfit, she wore black heeled shoes that perfectly complemented her ensemble.

The film “Everything Everywhere” was among the nominees, alongside other notable titles such as “Avatar: The Path of Water,” “The Banshee of Inisherina,” “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” “Elvis,” “Fabelmans,” and “Knives Out: Bulb made of glass.”

Since its release on March 25, 2022, the film has achieved significant success, grossing $107.4 million worldwide. Its earnings are expected to continue growing as it receives more awards and accolades.

The movie has received 11 nominations for the upcoming Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director for Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, Best Actress for Michelle Yeoh, Best Supporting Actor for Ke Hui Quan, and Best Supporting Actress for both Jamie Lee Curtis and Stephanie Xu.

Here are some interesting facts from Jamie Lee Curtis’s life:

Hollywood Legacy: Jamie Lee Curtis comes from a Hollywood family. She is the daughter of legendary actors Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, which gave her a strong connection to the film industry from an early age.

Scream Queen: Jamie Lee Curtis earned the title of “Scream Queen” due to her iconic role as Laurie Strode in the “Halloween” film series. Her portrayal of the character made her synonymous with the horror genre.

Best-Selling Author: In addition to her acting career, Curtis is a successful children’s book author. She has written numerous best-selling books for children, including “Today I Feel Silly,” which was a New York Times bestseller.

Activism: Curtis is a passionate advocate for various social causes. She has been involved in advocacy work related to children’s hospitals, HIV/AIDS research, and children’s literacy programs.

Golden Globe Winner: Curtis won a Golden Globe Award for her role in the 1994 comedy film “True Lies,” where she starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Recurring Roles: In addition to her film career, Curtis has appeared in popular television series. She had a recurring role on the hit show “NCIS” and also appeared on “Scream Queens” and “New Girl.”

Yogurt Entrepreneur: Curtis and her husband, Christopher Guest, founded a yogurt company called “Loomis and Petrie” in the 1990s. The company focused on producing high-quality, all-natural yogurt.

Recovery Advocate: She has been open about her own struggles with addiction and has used her platform to advocate for addiction recovery and mental health awareness.

Frequent Collaboration: Jamie Lee Curtis has appeared in several films directed by Christopher Guest, including “A Mighty Wind,” “Best in Show,” and “For Your Consideration.”

Alien Franchise: Curtis had a cameo role in the film “Aliens” (1986), directed by James Cameron. Her mother, Janet Leigh, famously starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” and Curtis’s role in “Aliens” was a nod to her mother’s iconic shower scene in “Psycho.”

These facts showcase Jamie Lee Curtis’s diverse career and her contributions to both the entertainment industry and various social causes.

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