Jennifer Lopez reacts badly when she realizes that an actress likes Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez is very protective of her husband Ben Affleck. The Hollywood star had the most hilarious reaction after an interaction with some of the actor’s fans as the pair entered their vehicle following a dinner date.


The 54-year-old actress had a sweet moment with her fans outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. JLo was accompanied by her child 15-year-old Emme, and her husband. She took a moment to say hi to some people after entering the vehicle.

But Jennifer was not the only one who received love from her fans, as a group of girls driving by noticed Ben was there and decided to scream in excitement. “Woo! We love you!” the screamed at the actor, making Jennifer turn around to see who it was.

“Back up, b–tch!” Jennifer yelled while laughing. A clip of the hilarious moment was shared online and went viral almost immediately, causing a series of mixed reactions from online users. “Jennifer was laughing lightheartedly but I just know she was ready to square up,” one person wrote, while someone else commented, “Anyone who has been with a Latina knows she was dead serious.”

“Protect your husband at all costs,” someone added, “Jennifer Lopez always knows how to keep it sassy!” The actress recently opened up about her relationship with Ben, admitting that she thinks there is a difference between her marriage to him and her past relationships.

“I feel even more relaxed and comfortable, which makes me feel even more beautiful than I have ever felt with someone else,” JLo said to Vogue, talking about her confidence. “I’m finally at the point in my life where I love every part of myself unapologetically,” she added.

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